Manic Monday: Freezer Meals

I know today isn’t a food day, but I couldn’t resist sharing some freezer meal pins.  I am ALL about my crockpot meals and trying to plan ahead.  Especially now that B is here and when I come home I want to spend time with him (and doing my daily workout) instead of making food and cleaning dishes.

So here are a few pins I found that I used to search out recipes I might like…

Taco Chicken Bowl

Costco Freezer Meal Plans

25 Back to School CrockPot Recipes

Over 160 CrockPot Recipes

And these are the recipes I chose to make

Polynesian Chicken

Taco Chicken Bowls

Spicy Sausage and Peppers

Turkey Chili

Mississippi Roast

Pear, Apple, and Pork Dinner

Complete BBQ Chicken Dinner in the CrockPot

Apple Butter Pork Chops

Buffalo Cauliflower Chili

Tortellini Sausage Soup

Cranberry Chicken

Pot Roast (my personal recipe, 1 pot roast, 8-10 potatoes, 12 carrots, 1 can of cream of mushroom soup, about 12oz of beef broth, and minced garlic to taste.

To give you an idea, I spent less than $200 at my local grocery store for all of these meals (plus a few small extras) and it took me 3 hours to prepare them all.  We rarely cook one a day, so this should last us about 3 weeks between cooking them every other day or so and once a week takeout! :)   I will try to post reviews of the recipes on Fridays…

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